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Domestic Assault

Domestic assault involves an allegation that a person inflicted or attempted to inflict bodily harm against a family or household member, or committed an act with the intent to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death of a family or household member. No matter what level these types of cases are charged at, there are serious ramifications to even be accused of such a crime. A simple allegation can lead to protective orders which can then lead to their own independent criminal charges if violated. There can also be collateral consequences to a conviction, including temporary or permanent loss of your right to a firearm and subsequent family court orders that may effect visitation or custody of your children. Domestic assault cases are also enhanceable offenses in Minnesota, which means the more domestic violence-related convictions an individual picks up within a ten-year window, the more severe a subsequent charge becomes, including up to a felony charge. Given these cases typically arise from highly emotional circumstances, these cases also are particularly vulnerable to false accusations from the alleged victim. You need a skilled and aggressive attorney to investigate the facts and advocate for your side of the story, including challenging the credibility of the alleged victim’s story at a contested hearing or at trial. At Sullivan Criminal Defense, we will provide you with aggressive representation when accused of domestic assault.
Types of domestic assault crimes:
  • Domestic assault
  • Domestic assault by strangulation
  • DANCO violations
  • OFP violations
  • HRO violations

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can involve any combination of manufacturing, selling, or possessing controlled substances. This could involve something as complex as large-scale drug trafficking to simple possession of a small amount of marijuana. Unfortunately, convictions for drug related offenses often times carry disproportionately heavy penalties. Additionally, you could have money or vehicles forfeited as a collateral consequence. If you have been accused of a drug related crime, you need a skilled attorney to thoroughly examine the evidence and aggressively litigate the on your behalf to get the case dismissed or to reduce the charges. At Sullivan Criminal Defense, we understand the nuances of defending drug charges and will represent you effectively.
Types of drug crimes can include:
  • Drug possession
  • Drug sale
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Marijuana in a motor vehicle
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia


DWI defense is an extremely complicated and nuanced area of the law. A DWI can be criminally charged anywhere from a misdemeanor up to a felony, depending on an individual’s past impaired-driving history, whether children were in the vehicle, and the amount of alcohol in one’s system. DWI’s are also enhanceable offenses, which means that the more impaired-driving related offenses someone picks up within a ten-year window, the more severe subsequent charges become. DWI accusations also often lead to collateral consequences such as driver’s license revocation, vehicle forfeiture, and license plate impoundment. For these reasons, a DWI charge can be extremely confusing and intimidating to litigate on your own. You need a skilled attorney to simplify the process for you and to aggressively litigate any potential issues in your case.
DWI/DUI charges and topics include:
  • BWI
  • Test refusal
  • Forfeitures
  • License revocation
  • License plate impoundment
  • Ignition interlock device
  • Underage DWI


Criminal convictions often carry consequences long after your case is closed. Having a conviction on your record can make it more difficult for you to find employment, housing, or professional licensing. Or perhaps you simply want to put a past conviction completely behind you and move on with life. Thankfully, under Minnesota law, you may be able to have these criminal records sealed. However, not all crimes are eligible for expungement. If you are interested in expunging your criminal record, please contact Sullivan Criminal Defense immediately to determine if you are eligible.


There are a number of Minnesota laws that punish an individual for possession of a firearm and/or ammunition. For example, a prior felony conviction for a “crime of violence” prohibits possession of a firearm and/or ammunition for the remainder of that person’s life. Additionally, using a firearm during the commission of an offense can dramatically increase the punishment a court can impose. Crimes involving firearms also often carry mandatory minimum sentences. As such, being accused of a firearm-related crime can be a very serious. At Sullivan Criminal Defense, we will aggressively represent you on any firearm-related offense. We also represent individuals in restoring their firearms rights.
Firearm crimes and related topics can include:
  • Prohibited person in possession of a firearm
  • Recklessly handling a firearm
  • Possession of a machine gun or sawed-off shotgun
  • Recklessly discharging a firearm in a municipality
Restoration of firearms rights


In Minnesota, non-felony offenses can be charged as gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor, or petty misdemeanor offenses. Gross misdemeanor crimes are punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $3,00 fine. Gross misdemeanor offenses can include assaults, some firearms offenses, a second or third DWI within ten years, DWI test refusal, theft, and many other crimes. Misdemeanor crimes are punishable by up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Misdemeanor crimes can include first-time DWIs, simple assault, simple theft, trespassing, careless driving, and many other crimes. Petty misdemeanor’s are not considered “crimes” in the legal sense because individuals cannot be incarcerated for them. However, there are still ramifications for petty misdemeanor offenses, including up to a $300 fine. Petty misdemeanor offenses often include minor traffic offenses, parking violations, and other very minor offenses. If you find yourself accused of a misdemeanor level offense, you still need an attorney to advocate on your behalf to get the best possible result. Contact Sullivan Criminal Defense immediately if you have been accused of a misdemeanor level offense.

Probation Violations

Often times courts will sentence individuals to probation. What that essentially means is that the court suspends any jail or prison time, and instead hangs the possibility of jail or prison time over an individual’s head for a period of time, provided that person complies with the conditions of probation. If that person is then found to have willfully and/or inexcusably violated the conditions of probation, the court may then require that person to actually serve a portion or all of the jail/prison time. As such, being accused of violating the terms of your probation can be a serious and scary allegation. But, these allegations can be contested and the state does have the burden to prove the violation by clear and convincing evidence. If you are accused of violating probation, you need a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side in order to keep you from spending any additional time behind bars. At Sullivan Criminal Defense, we will effectively defend you against such accusations.

Sex Crimes

Criminal sexual conduct/sex crimes have become an increasingly common charge in recent years. An allegation of criminal sexual conduct can be an extremely stressful and embarrassing situation. An allegation of sexual misconduct can often carry a stigma and you need an attorney in your corner who will not judge you for a simple allegation. Sex crimes are often aggressively prosecuted and a conviction can lead to harsh penalties, including prison time, hefty fines, and registration as a sex offender. Because of that, you need a skilled and aggressive attorney who will advocate for your interests and mount a defense to the allegations. If you have been accused or are being investigated for a sex crime, contact Sullivan Criminal Defense immediately.
Types of sex crimes include:
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Rape
  • Child sex abuse
  • ¬†Child pornography
  • Prostitution
  • Solicitation
  • Indecent exposure
  • Violations of sex offender registration

Theft/Property Crimes

Theft crimes include violations where an individual takes another person’s property without their permission and with the intent to deprive that person of their property. Property crimes involve allegation where a person purposely caused damage to the property of another without the owner’s permission. These types of crimes are typically charged based on the value of the property taken or damaged. The consequences of a conviction can carry severe and lasting repercussions. Convictions for these types of offenses can often include hefty fines and/or court ordered restitution to the alleged victim, which can be costly. You need a skilled lawyer to thoroughly evaluate the evidence and aggressively litigate any issues. At Sullivan Criminal Defense, we will aggressively pursue dismissal or reduction of the charges. If you have been accused or are being investigated for a theft or property crime, contact Sullivan Criminal Defense for a free consultation immediately.
Types of theft and property crimes can include:
  • Robbery
  • Simple theft
  • Theft by swindle
  • Shoplifting
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Burglary
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Forgery
  • White collar crimes
  • Criminal damage to property
  • Arson

Traffic Violations

While traffic violations may seem like a minor offense, there can be negative ramifications for a conviction, such as increased insurance rates or license sanctions. And often times individuals don’t know they are admitting guilt and having a conviction on their driving record because these types of offenses can often be resolved by paying a simple fine without ever appearing in court. That is why it is important to consult with a skilled attorney about how to litigate your traffic offense in order to achieve the best result possible. Contact Sullivan Criminal Defense for a free consultation on your traffic violation.
Types of traffic violations can include:
  • Speeding tickets and other moving violations
  • Parking tickets
  • Careless or reckless driving
  • Driving with a revoked license
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving with a canceled license

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes typically involve an allegation that a person committed some sort of violent act against another person. These charges are often very serious and include some of the most severe punishments in the criminal justice system. These punishments can also include collateral consequences such as a lifetime ban on owning or possessing firearms. A charge of this severity can often be overwhelming, scary, and confusing. You need a skilled attorney that will aggressively fight these types of charges, including all the way up to a possible trial, in order to get the best outcome. Contact Sullivan Criminal Defense immediately if you have been accused of or are being investigated for a violent crime.
Types of violent crimes can include:
  • Assault
  • Robbery
  • Threats of violence
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Criminal vehicular homicide
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Kidnapping
  • Weapons offenses